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Phone Number: 877-457-5750

We accept most insurance for illness and
accident reconstructive surgery.

Patient Testimonials/FAQ

By dimple411 on 06/27/2008
I recently had a reconstructed procedure done to my calves due to a bad liposuction couple of years ago. It took me a long time to find the right Plastic Surgeon who is Dr. Ha. He took some fat from my love handle and transfered it to my calves to fill in the dents and uneven texture. So far it’s been a couple of weeks since surgery and the result is beautiful. I highly recommend Dr. Dong Ha if anyone decides to have plastic surgery done to them. He will educate you and most importantly he is very patient. He listens to what you have to say and comforts you throughout the procedure. Thank you so much Dr. Ha for giving me something that I been longing and dreaming about for years.

Posted by Ramon1891 on 01/30/2007
These folks provide the most unbelieveably professional and affordable cosmetic surgery services. And above all else they will make you love yourself even more than you do now once you give them the chance to make you beautiful again!!!

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